SAMSUNGBackground: Justin Richards hails from gulf coast Florida via metro Massachusetts. He has been tutoring in New York since 2008. A former journalist, he has recently completed a master’s degree in computational linguistics, a field that combines computer science with language studies to further the development of artificial intelligence. In addition to private tutoring, he has worked as a classroom teacher in expository writing, SAT prep, and GRE prep. He also served as the director of the Afterschool Tutoring Center at the educational nonprofit Legal Outreach. At Legal Outreach, Justin helped hundreds of first-generation college students achieve acceptance to Yale, Swarthmore, Dartmouth, Wesleyan, Brown, Mount Holyoke, NYU and other elite schools. In his free time, Justin enjoys reading, biking, woodworking, travel, nature, boxing, puzzles, and board games.

Test Scores:  SAT: 750 Math; 720 Verbal (1600 max) GRE: 168 Math; 170 Verbal (340 max)

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